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prof. dr hab. Jerzy Malinowski


Vice-President for conservations
dr hab. Weronika Liszewska


Vice-President for art history
prof. dr hab. Waldemar Deluga


Magdalena Giner-Frołow


dr Małgorzata Stolarska-Fronia


dr Agnieszka Kluczewska-Wójcik


dr hab. Aneta Pawłowska


prof. dr hab. Jan Wiktor Sienkiewicz




The management structure of the Organization consists of:

1 /. The General Meeting of the members of the Organization, hereinafter referred to as "General Meening"
2 /. The Management Board of the Organization, hereinafter referred to as "the Board"
3 /. The Audit Commission.


1 The General Meeting shall adopt resolutions by majority vote in the presence of at least half of those entitled to vote, and in the second voting by ordinary majority of votes. Notice of the second voting date should be pre-specified in the notice convening the General Meeting.
2 The General Meeting is valid regardless of the number of the Members of the Organization present, provided that they had all been duly notified of its date.


Voting shall be public, unless the individual authorities adopting the resolution decide otherwise.


The General Meeting as the supreme authority of the Organization, in particular:
l /. adopts rules of procedure of the General Assembly,
2 /. decides on the amount, deadlines and ways of payment of membership fees,
3 /. appoints and dismisses the Board and the Audit Committee or individual members of these bodies,
4 /. appoints for a three year term and dismisses the Director and Deputy Director of the Centre, unless these functions are performed by the president and vice-president for cooperation with museums, cultural institutions and associations, after obtaining the opinion of the Scientific Council,

5 /. approves the action plans submitted by the Executive Board ,
6 /. evaluates the activities of the Organization and its authorities,
7 /. reviews and approves reports of the Management Board and the Audit Committee,
8 /. grants vote of approval to the resigning Board,
9 /. considers appeals against resolutions of the Board to expel a member of the Organization,
10 /. makes changes in the statutes,
11 /. decides on the termination of the Organization and allocation of its assets,
12 /. passes resolutions in all matters outside the responsibility of other authorities of the Organization.


The members participate in the General Meeting as:
1 /. ordinary members - with a casting vote
2/. associate members - in an advisory capacity,
3 /. honorary members - in an advisory capacity.


1. The General Meeting shall be convened by the Board.
2. The Board is obliged to inform the members
in writing or via Internet about the time, place and program of the Meeting, not later than 14 days before its scheduled date.
The General Meeting may adopt a different agenda than the one set forth by the Board.
3. The General Assembly is convened at least once a year.


At the request of the Audit Committee or the absolute majority of the Organization members, the Board is obliged to convene an Extraordinary General Meeting within 20 days of receipt of the request.


During the period between General Meetings, the Board manages the work of the Organization.


1 The Board, in particular:
1 /. adopts the rules of the Board, subsequently approved by the General Meeting,
2 /. performs the resolutions of the General Meeting,
3 /. develops action plans of the Organization,
4 /. manages the assets of the Organization,
5 /. develops reports from activities of the Organization and submits them to the General Meeting for approval,
6 /. convenes the General Meeting,
7 /. admits new members to the Organization,
8 /. passes resolutions to expel a member from the Organization,
8 /. represents the Organization,
9 /. appoints managers of sections, editorial boards and other departments of the Centre for three years,
10 /. appoints the Organization Office.

2. Resolutions of the Board are adopted by a majority vote of at least half of the members of the Board.


1. As Board members may be appointed natural persons who are ordinary members of the Organization.
2. The Board consists of a president, three vice-presidents, secretary, treasurer and three members of the Management - proxies, selected by voting in the General Assembly.


1.The President:
1 /. directs the activities of the Organization, including the Centre, unless the General Assembly decides otherwise after consulting the Scientific Council
2 /. is responsible for the scientific activities of the Organization,
3 /. is responsible for publishing activity,
4 /. supervises the organization of national and international scientific conferences and seminars,
5 /. supervises the cooperation with domestic, foreign and international universities and research centers.

2. Vice President of cooperation with museums, cultural institutions and associations:
1 /. replaces the President in directing the activities of the Organization, including the Centre, unless the General Assembly decides otherwise after consulting the Scientific Council
2 /. is responsible for cooperation with national, foreign and international museums, cultural institutions and associations,

3 /. is responsible for collecting scientific documentation of events, exhibitions and artistic activities and oversees the Organization’s bulletin.
4 /. is responsible for organizing exhibitions
5 /. supervises the popularization activities,
6 /. is responsible for competitions for the scientific, conservatory and student papers.

3. Vice President of conservation:
1 /. is responsible for cooperation with national, foreign and international institutions and laboratories of art and historic monument conservation,
2 /. oversees maintenance workshops,
3 /. oversees conservatory, research and documenting activities in the field of conservation of works of art and historic monuments conducted by the Organization,
4 /. oversees the conservatory missions abroad.

4. Vice President of modern art:
1 /. is responsible for research on modern and contemporary art,
2 /. is responsible for national and international cooperation in a/m field,
3 /. oversees conferences and other activities of the Organization in a/m field,
4 /. is responsible for the website of the Organization.

5. Secretary:
1 /. oversees the current activities of the Organization, including the Organization Office,
2 /. is responsible for correspondence and domestic and foreign materials exchange,
3 /. oversees the foreign exchange of scientific researchers and conservators,
4 /. is responsible for advertising of the activities of the Organization, including the relations
with institutions of public life, the press, radio and television.

6. Treasurer:
1 /. is responsible for the financial activities of the Organization and oversees the payment of membership fees,
2 /. oversees the business activity of the Organization,
3 /. is responsible for the preparation of speeches and grant applications, research and conservatory grants, supervises their implementation and reporting.

7. Three members of the Board - Proxies
1 /. are responsible for contacts with branches of the Organization,
2 /. supervise the Organization membership issues,
4 /. guide and supervise the activities of the Organization in the ranges determined by the Board.


1. The term of the Board lasts three years.
2. Each ordinary member of the Organization may be a member of the Board several times.
3. The General Meeting may by way of resolution revoke individual members of the Board before the end of term.
4. If necessary to complete the Board, the General Meeting carries out a complementary vote by way of resolution.


1. The Organization shall be represented by at least two members of the Board - President, Vice-Presidents, Secretary or Treasurer.
2. For the validity of a declaration of intent, letters and documents concerning the rights and obligations of the Organization are required signatures of two members of the Board: President, Vice-Presidents and Treasurer.
3. For shipping and receiving other papers and documents on behalf of the Organization President entitled are the President, Vice-Presidents and Secretary of the Board.

§ 52

The source of the assets of the Organization are: income from membership fees, domestic and foreign subsidies, grants and funding for research and conservatory work, donations, legacies, bequests, income from Organization’s property and the public generosity.

§ 53

1 The organization may conduct business. Income from economic activity shall serve statutory purposes and must not be available for distribution to members.


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