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1. Polish Institute of World Art Studies, hereinafter referred to as ”Organization", is a scientific organization bringing together art historians, art conservators, ethnologists, cultural theorists,
theater- and film researchers, interested in visual culture, and representatives from related fields, involved in the study and conservation of art and the world culture heritage.
2. The name of the Organization is proprietary.


1. The seat of the Organization is the city of Warsaw.
2. The operation area of the organization is the country of Poland. For the proper implementation of its goals the Organization may conduct its activities abroad.


1.The organization is a legal entity. It conducts its activities under the provisions of the Act of 1989-04-07 Law on Associations (Journal of Laws 1989 No. 20, item. 104, as amended) and of this Statute.
2. The Organization is established for an unlimited period.


The Organization uses a seal with the words ”Polski Instytut Studiów nad Sztuką Świata – Zarząd” (Polish Institute of World Art Studies – Management Board)


1.The purpose of the Organization is the activity in the field of public tasks, including research of world art, protection of cultural goods and traditions and popularization of tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the world’s cultures. 
2.The activities referred to in paragraph 1 shall be carried out for the benefit of the general public and are the statutory activities of the Organization. 


The activities of the Organization shall include in particular:
1. research in the field of art history and artistic culture, ethnology and related fields of:
1 /Asia,
2 / Africa,
3 / Europe, including:
- Byzantium, Eastern Christianity on the border of Asia and Europe
- Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and the Caucasus,
- national minorities of eastern origin (such as Armenians, Tatars, Jews)
- artistic contacts with other parts of the world,
- stocks of world art in European collections

4 /. North America, including
- artistic contact with other parts of the world,
- stocks of world art in American collections
5 /. Central and South America, especially since the colonial era,
6 /. Australia and Oceania,

2. research in the field of conservation - restoration of world cultural heritage,
3. research in the field of contemporary global art and visual culture,
4 research in the field of world thought on art and art criticism.


The Organization achieves its objectives by:
1 /. scientific research and documentation of world art in the field of the history of painting, sculpture, graphic arts, architecture and urban planning, gardens, craftsmanship and artistic industry arts, photography, thought on art, as well as contemporary art and audio-visual culture,
2 /. organization of academic life and international cooperation, including scientific meetings, national and international conferences and conservation workshops,

3 /. collecting documentation of scientific events, exhibitions and artistic activities,
4 /. publication of magazines (or scientific booklets) research reports, books, directories, collection catalogs and a printed or online bulletin,
5 /. development of conservation methods of works of art,
6 /. protection and conservation - restoration of works of art and monuments of culture,
7 /. conducting rescue conservation missions and building documentation of threatened works and monuments of world cultural heritage,
8 /. organization of art exhibitions,
9 /. teaching and popularization of art and conservation of the world cultural heritage,

10 /. integration of the circles art historians, art conservators, representatives of related disciplines, as well as museum staff and curators of art exhibitions,
11 /. advisory activities and providing expert analyses,
12 /. organization of competitions for academic papers, conservatory and student papers.


1.The organization may start scientific, conservatory and didactic cooperation, based on agreements or as a part of scientific networks with Polish and foreign institutions and associations, as well as with international organizations for the purposes of joint research, conservation and rescuing of world cultural heritage. 
2.The Organization may join international scientific and conservatory organizations in the field associated with its activities.
3.The Organization may cooperate with state institutions, local governments and NGOs.
4.The organization may have its accredited representatives and correspondents, who are its members, in foreign research and conservatory centers in the field associated with its activities.
5. The Organization may undertake scientific and conservatory missions abroad, as well as conservatory workshops based on international agreements, grants and domestic or foreign subsidies, or from its own funds.


1.The Organization bases its activities primarily on work contributed by its members.
2. In order to conduct its affairs the Organization can hire employees.
3 To fulfill its statutory objectives, in particular to realize conservatory missions abroad, the Organization can benefit from the work of volunteers in accordance with the Law on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work.


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